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"High Performance Low Risk"
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Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. We have tried to make this site as interesting as possible, to hold your attention, while making it a tool to illustrate our company in a manner we think befits our position as one of the largest and most professional valve makers in India today. We consider the journey towards being the best valve maker in the world very interesting, indeed - something we can share with you by this website. Do visit from time to time so as to update yourself – or write to us at info@hawavalves.com and we will send you an email whenever this site is updated.

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WHY A “HAWA VALVE” ? Calling Card Camera
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Every valve from Hawa is put through the paces – a rigorous design validation process at our extensive facilities in-house. Valves are tested repeatedly – some till the valve actually gives way – in conditions which replicate actual service and even potential extreme and emergency service, in an accelerated process. We thus say with pride that the valve is made to work thru the intended design life – and not just perform during factory tests. We also say that we know exactly how the valve will perform in service.

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Fire Test
In-house fire testing for all types of valves

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Hawa Valves is managed professionally by a dynamic young team with the intent of setting and achieving a blazing path of high growth targets year on year. We have been growing exponentially over the past few years – even while adopting a conservative approach towards targets and financials – which in itself tells you that our approach is both effective and well managed. The valve industry may be booming at this time due to the demand-supply gap evident in the user segment today, but we have always considered sustained long term growth our priority and aim. In fact, it is a matter of pride that we entered this business at a time when all pundits had written it off as “perpetual loss making” in the industrial scenario prevalent at the time. We shall be share more details about our star-studded Management Team headed presently by our Managing Director, Mr. Javed A. Hawa. Please write in at info@hawavalves.com

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